A crafty Christmas…

With only 43 days left till Christmas I have been busy sewing up a storm. I had the crazy idea earlier in the year to have a crafty Christmas by trying to make as many Christmas gifts as possible. Especially for my grandmothers who I always find it so hard to find them gifts as their birthday is so close to Christmas.

Who would guess that both my grandmas would be born on the same day of the year and only two weeks out from Christmas!

Yep that would be mine!!

So for the Nanna I picked out some assorted pinks and whites to go with her room, the pattern I chose came from ‘Two from one Jelly Roll Quilts.

I must admit I found the pattern a little odd in the description of where you need to cut the triangle but with a little creative fiddling I worked out the best way to cut so there was minimal wastage.

This has been the first time I have worked with lots and lots of triangles. The main issue I had with this pattern was the bulk of the seams if I pressed to one side. In the end I decided to try pressing the seams open to help reduce the bulk, which fingers crossed should make quilting a little easier when I get to it.

Here is the finished quilt top….pretty!

For the Gran I used a layer cake of ‘Butterfly Garden’ by Kansas Troubles Quilters, the pattern that I adapted was from ‘Simplify’ by Camille Roskelley.  I love this pattern book and have so far made four of the patterns. But for this one instead of using a charm pack I picked out my favourite 20 layer cake squares and used those to make a bigger quilt.

Here is the finished quilt top…this one was definitely one of those patterns that came together really fast which I LOVED!

Both quilt tops are now awaiting layering, basting and free motion quilting. I will post pictures of the finished quilts when they are complete.

I have also been playing with some other little gifts from Sweetwaters’ new fabric line ‘Reunion’….but more on that later.

Well back to it! Those days are ticking away fast!


A little obsession…

My obsession with fabric and quilting really took off about three years ago when I was given my first sewing machine. A hand me down from an Auntie.

Little Miss Stitch is a Brother XL-2230. We have bonded through successful attempts and many a failed attempt at quilting as my sewing skills have grown and developed. While she is quite a basic machine I think that the skills I have learnt and the projects that I have completed with her have not deterred me from the craft, if anything they have encouraged me to push the boundaries further.

Two years ago I moved interstate, and found that it was a lot harder to get help with some of my questions and issues I encountered when I was trying out a pattern or a new technique. I hadn’t made any new crafty friends down here and Mum has always been my trusted source if I have needed help with cooking, sewing, life and anything crafty. So I have been working my way through learning by myself and the occasional skype call if I get really stuck.

At 26 I found it quite interesting the reaction I received from some people when they discover I like to sew and bake. At my old work I was nick named ‘Betty’ as in Betty Crocker because I was always bringing baked goods to share and talking about my latest sewing project. As time has progressed I have discovered a few other friends who share my Nanna loves.

My bestie lissylou lives in the nations capital and has recently embraced her Nanna side. We were laughing the other day as we compared our Friday nights…we were both stayed at home stitching away happily.

So I hope you enjoy the next steps in my crafting journey which I will endeavour to share on here regularly. Would love to here if you are a 26-year-old Nanna too!!!