Love this quilt!


Pattern: Thimble Blossoms – Wild things
Fabric: Rural Jardin French General for Moda, Linen, Send in the crown – Michael Miller and Woven Quad Stripe – French General.

Woo hoo cross another project off the unfinished list!!!

I began this quilt not too long after I started quilting. It was the first pattern that I had ever ordered online after finding Camille Rosekelly of Simplify. It was a really easy and satisfying pattern to sew. Yet for some reason when I finished the quilt top, I folded it up neatly and put it on the shelf. It has taken me nearly 14 months to get this quilt top back out and finished. As it is ‘the year of the finished project’ this one was high on my list so I got searching for the perfect backing and binding fabrics.

The backing fabric is ‘Send in the Crowns’ by Michael Miller. I loved the little crowns and the colour matched in so well with the front fabric. The quilt has always been intended for use on our couch, as we currently have one quilt that can get a little squishy trying to share. Originally I was planning to back this quilt in red but as we now have red couches I decided to use the cream and blue to break it up a little more.

I started the free motion quilting on my old machine. I was planning on only quilting in the linen coloured sections. Once I had started I was not happy with the way it was turning out and just how difficult it was to try and get the quilt through the machine.

So out came the seam ripper and I spent a good couple of hours pulling out the quilting. Once that was done I went back and FMQ and all over pattern with my new sewing machine!!!! (look at the pretty!!!) So much easier and I am really happy with the result.


Stripped binding had become a favourite of mine lately. This is the second quilt that I have finished with stripes. The Red Quad Stripe is actually a woven print from French General which I have never used before. It was interesting trying to bind with it as it was a little tougher to pull the needle through but overall I love the way it turned out! And I am really happy that this quilt is finished!

***Do a little happy dance***


Now there is some debate out there that every quilt should have a label with is particular details. But to be honest I didn’t see the point in making a sewn on label for this one as it isn’t a gift and it will be used by us for many years to come. Instead in my online travels I found a roll of ‘made by me’ labels that I thought were really cute. I think they are intended as clothes labels but instead I stitched one into the binding on the back as a little tag! I love love love how it turned out!


Into the wash the whole thing went and out to the line…..a few hours later a new quilt to curl up on the couch with! And a well earned coffee!


Happy creating peeps!