Baby Bug!

Imagine a hot summer’s day; school is out for the holidays. You have managed to get your dad to agree on driving you and your two closest friends to the beach for a few hours so you can all go surfing. A moment captured at the end of the day…

Beach days

One picture….such sweet memories! Fast forward 12 years and the three of us have stayed friends through moving far and wide (3 different states in Australia!) and enjoyed the challenges that have faced us in our chosen paths including new jobs, relationships and living in the crazy grown up world.

Then there was the exciting trip to watch Skye became a Mrs and another photo of sweet memories…


When Skye rang me and told me that her and her husband were expecting their first baby it was exciting!!! And what’s a best friend meant to do?? Get straight on the phone to the other bestie Alissa and organise a quilt for the baby bug from both of us!!

At the time the gender of the baby was remaining a secret so with a little planning and knowing how much the parents are beach people we decided to use the red, white, yellow and blue along with the sea side prints and panels that I had in my stash. We settled on the granny squares tutorial from Blue Elephant Stitches.

So lots of cutting later (and lots of Downtown Abbey) I had a nice little stack of squares and a stack of strips to send to Alissa for her blocks.IMG_0211

It felt fantastic to be able to work on a project with someone so far away. Modern technology is a blessing! There were many a skype date and picture messages flying back and forward to agree on the layout.


The granny squares were fantastic but I think if I ever decided to do another one there will be more starch involved….all I can say is starch the hell out of the blocks! I had a little bit of trouble with the first few stretching on the bias.


I quilted it with an all-over wavy pattern and the binding was the red aboriginal dots by Kaffe Fassett that I usually keep in my stash (seriously I have like 8 different colour ways of this print)


After it was all finished I posted the bundle off to Alissa who added to the card and had a look at the finished quilt before sending it to Skye in Queensland.


They loved the quilt and little Miss Bug has been using it lots already!

Baby bug

Each and every day I am thankful that I got two such AWESOME friends. Every time we call, text, email, Skype  or catch up in person it feels like we haven’t spent months living in other states, it’s like we have just caught up for coffee and we only saw each other yesterday.



4 thoughts on “Baby Bug!

  1. I got teary when Cass sent me this before publishing. Such lovely memories, and Cass tells the story beautifully. We had lots of fun working together on this project. Skye, so happy to hear Mia loves the quilt as much as we do 🙂

  2. I have tears!!!! So blessed to have friends like you. Mia uses it on a daily basis too, we have picnics and take it most places for her to have a roll around on. Love you girls. Xo

  3. Dad and I thoroughly enjoyed that visit to the past….aren’t you all gorgeous? It’s what parents want for their children…that they will find friends who will stand by them and be with them all through their lives. Love you girls! Xxx

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