Best laid plans…

Well…it appears that another almost 2 years have disappeared in a whirlwind of work, crafting, exercising, new dog ownership and running achievements! I have been struggling for a while trying to get my sewing mojo back and seem to always fail at the photograph and blog posting part of the process. During the working week I get home quite late and that doesn’t make for the greatest lighting for photos.

I have missed this space and I certainly missed sharing my crafting with everyone.

Here are a few things that I am getting excited (or motivated) about in my world…

  1. The ever growing pile of WIP’s – I have a list for 2017 that I would love to finish and will be making a huge effort to get some of these older projects DONE.
  2. KNITTING ALL THE THINGS – Knitting is my zen, especially after busy and long days at work. Socks are usually my go to project but I have been knitting my fair share of shawls
  3. Etsy plans – This year will be the year I open my etsy shop but more on that later.


What are you guys excited about this year?


So… I’m BACK!

Well that was a break from blogging that I didn’t expect to be quite so long. 2014 is done and dusted. It was a year of changes (some big and some smaller ones), challenges, sad loses and readjusting.

Don’t worry though, crafting has been happening!! At times it has been the only thing keeping me sane.

So now that we have relocated to the beautiful Port Macquarie area, we have been getting settled, exploring, renovating and loving life. Here is a few photos from the last couple of months.

Friday run done right

Friday run done right…best running view


Reno time

Replacing the back deck…DIY!


New visitors

Had some visitors in our front tree.


view at the top of the stairs

The view at Harry’s lookout. A worthy reward for making it up the evil stairs from Shelly Beach


knitting in the wild

Knitting in the wild at Town Beach (opal sprinkle socks)


more new visitors

 The front tree is popular with the visitors.


So I look forward to sharing some more crafting with you next time 🙂





Happy 2014!

I hope Christmas and New Year was a nice break for everyone! I have some great crafty plans this year but before we can get into those I have three quilt finished to share with you from last year (yes I’m a slack blogger!)

quilt 1

This one was made for my lovely cousin Bec who was joking with me last Christmas about what a girl has to do to get a quilt. I made this one in secret and to be honest it is the first quilt that I have had soooooo much trouble giving away…It sat on my couch for a week before I attached the label. I thought maybe, just maybe I could keep it but no it was made especially for Bec and to be honest the look on her face when I gave it to her was worth it.Excited!

The pattern, Flock together is from Sarah Fielke’s Quilting from little things book. I had such fun with this pattern and I think down the track I will make another one for me. There are lots and lots of small triangles to cut out and sew together but it was an interesting pattern and a skill that I hadn’t tried before.  When I read the pattern first and how the block was constructed I found it confusing but when you are actually doing it the instructions are really clear and you can see why you leave some seems open.WIP

The main fabrics I used were Cosmo cricket – Cream numbers on Red, Bonnie and Camille – Ruby Red Floral, Sarah Watts – Fawn in Birch Blue, Modern Meadow Herringbone Pond. The cream fabrics were from my stash. The smaller coloured triangles I went stash diving for most and added some extras from a few charm packs I had on hand.

This is the first quilt I straight line quilted and I love the effect and how the quilting doesn’t take away from the fabric and pattern. But I would advise that you have a good couple of movies to watch while you straight line quilt because it takes FOREVER! (well it feels that way).

I loved these colours and overall it was a really enjoyable quilt to work on.


Second finish is a quilt for the man! We have two quilts that we usually use on the couch but Bryce finds that his feet stick out the end and get cold (and the quilt he uses is a little girly) So we measured out how much longer and wider he wanted it and I went to work making a double hourglass quilt for him. I really love how this one turned out using Sweetwater’s Reunion fabric line.


The backing was a mixture of Kaffe Aboriginal dots in grey, a few spare double hour glass blocks and some architexture trees print by Carolyn Friedlander.


It now lives happily on the couch and has been getting used year round so far.

Lastly was a smaller quilt for a lovely friend at work who was pregnant with their first child. It provided another chance to experiment with a neutral quilt as they were not planning on finding out the sex of the baby. I chose to use the half square triangle block of the month patterns available on the In Color Order blog (

The fabric was all pulled from my stash (Yay me!!) and I chose grey and yellows and oranges.IMG_0746

I kept the quilting simple with just my standard all over wondering and managed to get it finished right in time for the baby shower. IMG_0752

So that’s if from finished quilts in 2013.  Did you have a successful finish to your crafting plans from 2013?


all the knitted things

So….where did 6 months go??

It has been a busy six months and I have been crafting along, just a little slack at posting any progress.

I have a couple of finished quilts to show you but I think they can wait till next time.

Lets get into the knitting!!! The needles have be busy busy busy. My role at work has recently changed a bit which has increased my work load and responsibilities. I find it more challenging and down right hard at times but I think it is an experience that will benefit me long after I move on to a different project.

With the longer hours at work I have been finding it relaxing to knit on the couch after dinner to wind down from the day.


So I have three lots of socks on the needles (one basic rib/one plain vanilla/ and these ones), finished a second Habitat beanie, finished the Through The Loops – Mystery Shawl, I learnt how to crochet granny squares (used this website) just so I can make a blanket like this one and I knit my man a jumper!

It is warming up here in Adelaide so many of these things wont get much wear this year. But I have enjoyed making them knowing that they will get lots of wear next year.

I will leave it at that today and it is one of my goals to be a little more consistent with posting. I have some finished quilts and an epic birthday weekend in Melbourne to share!

Keep crafty!