all the knitted things

So….where did 6 months go??

It has been a busy six months and I have been crafting along, just a little slack at posting any progress.

I have a couple of finished quilts to show you but I think they can wait till next time.

Lets get into the knitting!!! The needles have be busy busy busy. My role at work has recently changed a bit which has increased my work load and responsibilities. I find it more challenging and down right hard at times but I think it is an experience that will benefit me long after I move on to a different project.

With the longer hours at work I have been finding it relaxing to knit on the couch after dinner to wind down from the day.


So I have three lots of socks on the needles (one basic rib/one plain vanilla/ and these ones), finished a second Habitat beanie, finished the Through The Loops – Mystery Shawl, I learnt how to crochet granny squares (used this website) just so I can make a blanket like this one and I knit my man a jumper!

It is warming up here in Adelaide so many of these things wont get much wear this year. But I have enjoyed making them knowing that they will get lots of wear next year.

I will leave it at that today and it is one of my goals to be a little more consistent with posting. I have some finished quilts and an epic birthday weekend in Melbourne to share!

Keep crafty!


Hexagon madness!!!!


26 years ago while living in the UK, Mum purchased quite a few packets of precut hexagons from Laura Ashley. They were reduced to a ridiculous price at the time so Mum snapped them up. For as long as I can remember every time we came across them in the fabric stash Mum always said that this would be her retirement project as the process to make the Grandmas flower garden quilt takes quite a bit of time and effort.

Since starting quilting and learning a bit more about paper piecing I began to fully understand why these beautiful fabrics had been hiding away for so long! What a process to tack each one then hands sew them together….

Until recently when I spotted in Vignette a ‘cheats’ way to paper piecing hexagons….using temporary fabric glue!!! Who knew!!!


Next time I was home visiting, Mum and I pulled out the packets of hexagons and we headed to the local patchwork store to purchase the right sized pre-cut papers and Sewline glue sticks. We could have cut our own papers out but to be honest with the number of hexagons in the packets I was pretty keen for pre-cuts!

Over the Christmas holidays while at home Mum and I worked our way through gluing all of the hexagons. Quite a few movies were watched and only one extra trip to the fabric store to buy more glue was needed (well any excuse to go back to the fabric store).


The aim this year is to hand sew all the hexagons into the basic flower shape and then we will figure out what layout to finally assemble the quilt top.

This project is now in my pile of ‘evening’ projects. I like to sit after dinner and do some quiet stitching so I rotate through hand projects while sitting on the couch. If I get annoyed or over one I swap to something else for a while.