So… I’m BACK!

Well that was a break from blogging that I didn’t expect to be quite so long. 2014 is done and dusted. It was a year of changes (some big and some smaller ones), challenges, sad loses and readjusting.

Don’t worry though, crafting has been happening!! At times it has been the only thing keeping me sane.

So now that we have relocated to the beautiful Port Macquarie area, we have been getting settled, exploring, renovating and loving life. Here is a few photos from the last couple of months.

Friday run done right

Friday run done right…best running view


Reno time

Replacing the back deck…DIY!


New visitors

Had some visitors in our front tree.


view at the top of the stairs

The view at Harry’s lookout. A worthy reward for making it up the evil stairs from Shelly Beach


knitting in the wild

Knitting in the wild at Town Beach (opal sprinkle socks)


more new visitors

 The front tree is popular with the visitors.


So I look forward to sharing some more crafting with you next time 🙂





all the knitted things

So….where did 6 months go??

It has been a busy six months and I have been crafting along, just a little slack at posting any progress.

I have a couple of finished quilts to show you but I think they can wait till next time.

Lets get into the knitting!!! The needles have be busy busy busy. My role at work has recently changed a bit which has increased my work load and responsibilities. I find it more challenging and down right hard at times but I think it is an experience that will benefit me long after I move on to a different project.

With the longer hours at work I have been finding it relaxing to knit on the couch after dinner to wind down from the day.


So I have three lots of socks on the needles (one basic rib/one plain vanilla/ and these ones), finished a second Habitat beanie, finished the Through The Loops – Mystery Shawl, I learnt how to crochet granny squares (used this website) just so I can make a blanket like this one and I knit my man a jumper!

It is warming up here in Adelaide so many of these things wont get much wear this year. But I have enjoyed making them knowing that they will get lots of wear next year.

I will leave it at that today and it is one of my goals to be a little more consistent with posting. I have some finished quilts and an epic birthday weekend in Melbourne to share!

Keep crafty!



Here is a little collection of photos from this month…

couch time

Couch time, tea and Game of Thrones book 3

Finished my Frenchy Bag (Amy Butler)

Experimented with recreating a fav eclair from a local bakery…was so good but a little big 🙂

Made the most amazing chocolate ice-cream to take to a friends for dessert!

(Recipe from sweet creams and sugar cones book)

Went strawberry picking for the first time this season! and yes they all got eaten!

Hanging out in the strawberry patch! + new hair cut 😉

Knitting up a storm on my first jumper!

Year of the finished project continues….Dasiy Chain quilt

Chain piecing while watching Thor 🙂

2 Swoon blocks have been joined by 3 more…only 4 to go!

bitten by the knitting bug…

I have officially been bitten by the knitting bug…

It’s almost as bad as fabric the way the stash starts to grow and expand…

Now a little something that you should know before I go on…I can be a bit of a perfectionist….(I can just see my mum rolling her eyes as she reads that line)

Usually if something doesn’t look right or I have made a mistake I will unpick or pull it to pieces and fix it.

When I was home visiting a while ago both Mum and Nan thought it was funny that I had never learnt to knit! So I go a few lessons and headed back to Adelaide with a new fascination. It was the basic skills of knit and purl and if I dropped a stitch I had no idea how to pick it up. I would just undo the whole thing and start again…after a lot of practice I managed to get the basics under control.

This year I decided that I wanted to learn to knit socks from the toe up…the first pattern that I chose was the first time I had ever come across a lace chart and from what I had read online I was intrigued by double-pointed needles, how hard could it be…..

It was a big thing for me to figure out how to do it and an even bigger thing for me to just keep knitting even when I noticed I had made a mistake in the pattern two rows back.

It was tough but I have learnt to embrace the imperfections that come along with learning a new skill. The side effect is I am now hooked on knitting socks!!

Work has been massively busy for me lately so I have found it more soothing to sit on the couch with a cuppa and knit in the evenings instead of being upstairs with my sewing machine.

Overall I am really happy with how they turned out and enjoyed making the second sock more as I had gotten used to the needles and the pattern.

Diagonal Lace Socks

Pattern: Diagonal Lace Socks (From Wendy Johnston’s book ‘Socks from the toe up’)

Yarn : Madelinetosh Sock in Black Velvet

On Ravelry here

EDIT  17 October 2012 : Okay so this post has been sitting as a draft for a little while…. I have now cast on and finished my second pair of socks and a few other things…

Charade socks

Pattern: Charade

Yarn: Skein Sock – Kaffir Lime

On Ravelry here


These I didn’t enjoy as much as the first pair and they are a little tight around the ankle but I am hoping they will stretch.

I have also finished a shawl which I have sent my best friend Alissa for her birthday!

Marin Shawl

Pattern: Marin by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Madeline Tosh Sock – Tern

On Ravelry here

Marin Shawl close up

I loved knitting this pattern! It was interesting and I learnt how to do cables!!! Who would have thought they were that easy!! I have been scared of them for EVER!  This is a pattern that I will knit again and it only took me about 2 weeks from start to finish.

And last but not least here are my broken seed socks that I am taking my time knitting. I love the colours and how they are turning out. The aim is to make them as long as possible!

Broken seed socks

Pattern: Broken seed socks

Yarn: Skein Top draw sock in Barley & Noro Silk Garden Sock

On Ravelry here

broken seed 1

Happy Friday!